A Close-Knit Christmas!

Good day all!!

It is officially New Years Eve, and I haven’t blogged in sooooo long!!! Steven and I had a quiet Christmas!! It was a good one though.

On Christmas Eve, we listened to our church’s livestreem for the candlelight service. What an awesome service that was!!! This was a good way to end Christmas Eve!!

Finally it was Christmas morning… we had a small-knit Christmas, but the gifts Steven and I got were a ton… very grateful!!! We also exchanged our gifts to one another. I got him a journal with his name engraved on the front and a message on the inside… I had him struck to silence, and then he cried. I could tell the gift moved him, which made me happy!! I got a canvas for me to paint on. We each had our own stockings too. Over all, a great Christmas morning!!!

Later that day, Steven’s parents brought over Christmas dinner to us. Oh my goodness… was it ever good!!! We even used the battery operated candles they gave us to add to the dinner.

All in all, a very good Christmas. Maybe next year, we’ll be able to celebrate Christmas with his family again!!! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, who reads this!!!

I Have a Job Now!!! Whoa!!!

Good early morning to all you readers!!!

I’m so excited to announce that I have a job!!! Still can’t believe it!!! I have a few things to do on the computer on October 21st, from 3pm-6p7m. I’m so excited to finally have a job, and a part-time job at that.

I had my first day of training on a Sunday at 8am. I can’t wait till I actually start doing actual shift!!! I can say this is another Faithful First.  I have been so excited since I’ve started work. I’ll definitely write more blog posts on this as I keep going.

Hoping this part-time job goes well, as I believe it will. So stoked, and hyper, of course!!!


Life Update Along with Creative Me!

Good day to you all!!!

I thought I’d actually blog again. I’ve been painting a bit the past day or so. It feels nice to be creative once again. I’m hoping to make more paintings as soon as I find ideas on what to paint. I got some canvases, and I made a canvas to a friend/honorary Auntie for her birthday in October. I’m excited to give it to her!!! I’m planning on framing the canvas so she can hang it where she likes.

Besides painting, or shall I say, getting back into painting, I’ve been trying to relax a ton, along with other personal matters I won’t divulge here. Feeling peaceful though, in the midst of it. But I also had a wheelchair malfunction, so I had no power usable power chair for at least two weeks. I’m so thankful I have it back and usable again.

Another update, I’m hoping, maybe in October to apply for college again for the Baking and Pastry Arts Management program. I hope I can pull through this time and graduate. I’m definitely excited for that though!!!

One last thing to say, I’m still waiting for a call from Orthopaedic doctor in regards to my hip. Trying to be patient in the meantime though.

Oh, bringing this back to painting for one last point. I’m looking for suggestions on things I could try and work on painting. Feel free to reach out to me on:

Feel free to follow, like and message me with your ideas!!!

DJ Faithful’s Worship Lounge – Early Morning Edition – June 7, 2020

Good day all!!
Hope everyone’s day is going well. Sorry for the late post on this, but did a test show in the early morning on Sunday. Hope you enjoy it!!!


  • Somewhere in the middle – by Casting Crowns
  • Gates – by Love & the Outcome
  • If We Only Knew – by Unspoken
  • My God is Here – by Cimorelli
  • Greater – by MercyMe
  • Brave Heart – by Cimorelli
  • 5 Minutes of Fame – by BarlowGirl
  • Superstars – by BarlowGirl
  • Hope for It – by Cimorelli
  • Praise You in This Storm – by Casting Crowns
  • Back in His Arms Again – by Mark Schultz
  • I’m With You (Ruth & Naomi) – by Nichole Nordeman & Amy Grant
  • Born for This (Esther) – by Mandisa
  • This is Amazing Grace – by Phil Wickham
  • Lord I Need You – by Watoto Children’s Choir
  • Sing, Sing – by Watoto Children’s Choir
  • City That I’m Looking For – by The Willis Clan
  • One Thing Remains – by Jesus Culture
  • Revelation Song – by Jesus Culture
  • Louder, Closer, Deeper – by Love & the Outcome
  • Let the Light In – by Francesca Battistelli
  • Royalty – by Francesca Battistelli
  • The Roar – by Chris Tomlin
  • Arise – by Paul Baloche

Double Shot Set

  • You then Me – by Rebecca St. James
  • Wait for Me – by Rebecca St. James
  • Our God – by Chris Tomlin
  • I Will Follow – by Chris Tomlin
  • Broken Hallelujah – by Mandisa
  • You Wouldn’t Cry (Andrew’s Song) – by Mandisa
  • Who but You (Abraham & Sarah) – by Mark Hall & Megan Garrett
  • Hundred More Years – by Francesca Battistelli
  • Where I Belong – by Building 429
  • Me without You – by TobyMac
  • Bury the Workmen – by Unspoken

Final Set

  • How to Fall – by Josh Wilson
  • Love Take me Over – by Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Glorious Unfolding – by Steven Curtis Chapman
  • City Down Below – by The Willis Clan
  • Faithful – by Chris Tomlin

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My Story of Pain to My Story of Hope… now.

Have you ever had someone tell you you’re faking it when you’re in extreme pain, and people don’t believe you? That was me for over 15 years.

Let’s start at the very beginning… welcome to me at around age 12 to 13 years old. I went to a summer camp with fellow visually impaired and blind people, and one of the staff asked a fellow camper to guide me, since they had their hands full. Firstly, that was a bad idea. Why? I ended up spraining my left ankle by stepping into a pot hole the wrong way.

At that moment, I thought that this wouldn’t be long, and I’d be ok to come back the following summer. No. In the spring of the next year, or around then, I started getting pains in my left knee. I thought that was rather strange, but my physiotherapist at the time was gentle and kept an eye on it. That wasn’t gonna last long though. No one, not even my own family believed me when I mentioned my knee pain that wouldn’t go away. What I didn’t know then, and what I know now, is people with my pain condition, which I’ll explain in a little while, don’t get diagnosed quickly, because doctors literally have to check everything else off the list.

So, as time progressed, and the physiotherapist I had pushed me beyond what I could do, my knee got progressively worse… and even still, people thought I was faking it, even though I was in tears more than once within a school week. Something’s wrong with that if you ask me.

By the time I was about 17, I was using a wheelchair my mother through adoption got me… it didn’t really fit me, and I still had people at school telling me more than once I was faking it.

Let me bring up a particular situation that no one wanted to understand… because it was easier for me, I ended up participating in rhythmic gymnastics… and staff told me that if I was to perform in the show, I couldn’t use my wheelchair to get around the day of… it would’ve been easier on my knee if I could do that, but no… no one understood.

All throughout high school and elementary school, I had no medications to help with the symptoms I was dealing with… that, however, changed in 2011.

Just after my birthday in 2011, I ended up visiting someone, and ended up having to stay there longer, due to my knee. When I went into hospital, after I was convinced to go, I was put on Baclofen… that was a really good start. It definitely helped with my Cerebral Palsy, and in turn helped with my pain, to an extent. I was also sent with Tramadol… at the time, that worked well.

Welcome to 2012… a major turn for the worse for my knee… went back into hospital… though doctors didn’t know what was going on, they could tell I was in pain. After an MRI that showed nothing of concern, I was sent to the Rehabilitation Centre at the beginning of February 2012.

At this point, I couldn’t walk at all, due to my knee completely quitting, and my right leg quit, due to the fact that it was overworked. At the rehab centre, since the pain was too severe, I ended up using what was called a therapy roll. What that is basically, it’s a roll that goes under the knees so I can do leg exercises. So helpful! During the time I couldn’t walk at all, I also got to use what is called a transfer board. I even got to make my own to take with me when I left the Rehab Centre.

Therapy Roll Transfer Board

I also got to go into the pool there and do some walking between parallel bars… that was also extremely helpful… even if I still couldn’t walk on land.

Because I couldn’t’ go back to my home address, even though I couldn’t call it home, I worked with a social worker at the Rehab Centre, and we found a place that I would consider extremely temporary, and a place I’d rather not be.

At the end of February, I moved into a group home type situation until I could find a home I could live in. Finally by the end of my rehab stay though, I could use my right leg to pivot again… yay! So helpful!!

Now, because doctors still couldn’t figure my knee out, I was given narcotics to help with the pain, which did help, but I would’ve rather do without them.

Sometime between 2014 and 2015 though, I finally got my diagnosis, and my friend was right. What do I have, you ask? I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. In a nutshell, it’s an injury that heals, but the brain tells you that there is still pain there. That’s when I knew someone listened, but let me make this clear, it is literally a catch-all diagnosis.

When you read this, you may think how sad this is for me, but really, though hard, the doctor’s refusal to listen and understand gave me the determination to figure out how I could get around my childhood home, when my wheelchair couldn’t be in the house… lots of scooting along, but I got to where I needed to. You may think that it isn’t fair for me to have to have done things that way, and you’re right… but if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have the tips and tricks I do have now, thanks to it.

From mid 2016 onward, I’ve been on a neuropathic medication called Lyrica which has helped my knee tremendously! All thanks to a doctor who listens.

Now, here’s some advice for all who is experiencing chronic pain, you’re not alone, and if a doctor doesn’t understand, keep going to a different one until you get the diagnosis you need. When you say you’re in pain, it’s real, and no one can tell you otherwise. Keep that in mind as you face and embrace the battle, and eventually be able to coexist with chronic pain!

You’re not alone!

Also, here are some more details about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Sim Sketch – McDowell and Williams Family

McKenna McDowell
Age – Young Adult
Natural Cook
Education: Honorary University Degree – Fine Arts
Career – Culinary
Favourite Colour – Black

Lawrence Williams
Age – Young Adult
Education: Honorary University Degree – Technology
Career – Law Enforcement
Favourite Colour – White

McKenna McDowell and Lawrence Williams are engaged


Olivia Williams
Age – Teen
Animal Lover
Favourite Colour – Dark Blue

Felicity Williams
Age – Child
Favourite Colour – Black

Janessa Williams
Age – Toddler
Favourite Colour – White
Nickname – Nessie

Alejandra Williams
Age – Toddler
Favourite Colour – Black
Nickname – Ali

Nessie and Ali are Twins

Lawrence’s Children are From Previous Marriage

I will probably add other traits as the plots arise.

I truly hope you enjoyed this Sims sketch!

What do you Mean Needles Don’t Hurt?

Today, I went to get blood work done. First, had to find a place that was open, because once I’m out, might as well get poked… ow. Except, this time was different.

This, I will say is a first for me. The girl who did my blood work somehow found a miracle vein. Let me explain this… normally, even if someone finds a vein, it’s usually much more painful, and has my anxiety riding on its edge. Today, all that worry, and by the time all my worry and anxiety was flowing through me, it was done… just like that… and, here’s the shocker, I can now say for probably one time only, that needle didn’t hurt. Wait… wait? They’re supposed to hurt, at least with me…she had good touch. I wish I got her name, because I’d personally go to that location again if I had other blood work, just to get her. She was amazing!!!

This is for sure a Faithful first for me… I hope, if I have to get poked, more times happen like that. I’m still astonished… it didn’t hurt… whoa. I can now understand James when he says, if he has to get poked, he just sits there and takes it. Normally I’m not that lucky. Thank you veins for being wonderful today, and to a great person to do it.

Long Time No Write… I know

Good morning to all you people who read this blog. It’s been a long while since I wrote, so I thought I’d do so while I have a few moments and maybe some things to write about.

I’m currently up at my friend’s house whom I babysat for last night, and it seems sleep didn’t show up. My body did not get the memo to sleep… at all.

So, what’s new with me, you probably ask? I had to withdraw from my program thanks to medical reasoning, which was tough to swallow. I am, however, working with them to see if I can do it with adaptations in the fall.

I’m also trying to do a lot of painting, and I did some Christmas cards last night, which was definitely nice to do. Though cold out, it’s good to be awake this morning, and relaxing.

Things I thought about doing today…

  • Do some more painting and complete the last of my Christmas
  • Do some shopping for grocery stuff.
  • Make some more crafts and try to be creative.

So, that’s the plan for today… and spend time with my boyfriend, which will be nice. I am so glad to be up today, even though I should be sleeping.

I hope all is well in the world of you readers, and I will try to find things to write about more frequently.

Welcome Aboard, New Baker!

This may sound a little off to all my blog readers, but if you’ve read my blog before, then you shouldn’t be surprised, though let’s be real, I am.

I’m super excited to inform the blog reader world that I am taking Baking and Pastry Arts Management in exactly a week. I never put two and two together until James helped me apply to the program at Algonquin College.

I can become pro in the industry that crept up and said hello, you know how much you like to bake/host people… yeah, that won. Smile 

The program I chose is a two year program, and I get to come up with a business plan for my own restaurant/bakery… yep, another thing to excite me!!! Smile 

Can it be September 3rd yet? Please?


Oh well. Yes, that excited!!! Open-mouthed smile

I’m so excited to show you all my journey!!!

Until I have more to post, this is it… for now.

I will post soon… promise. Open-mouthed smile